Here’s the issue.
My uncles car, the quest, was working fine except for the check engine light. He said he didnt bother fixing it. Then one day, the car decided to stall at a left turn intersection and wouldn’t start. He called me and I got it towed to his house.
When i got the chance to look at it, i noticed the CEL and read it. It’s a P0135 (sensor bank 1). I bought the new sensor and replaced the bad front heated o2 sensor.
Now, when i try starting the car, it would idle roughly up to 2.5k RPM and after 10-15 seconds of rough idling, she decides to call it quits.

I started the car again, this time, it won’t past 800-900 RPM and after 5-7 seconds, she dies out. Then I tried again, she tries hard to start but no avail. This time though, there’s that BZZZZZZZT sound coming from the front right (could be trans?). Idk what that is but it sounded really bad. My uncle then tried to do it too and same deal only this time, the white smoke coming from the exhaust is a lot whiter.

Fromw hat i noticed, the spark plugs are heavily fouled with fuel. This could be because of all the failed attempts of it starting. She cranks but won't fire. I then clean all the spark plugs and I faintly heard it fire up but for a brief moment. I then did a spark plug test and noticed how the plugs aren't creating a spark when grounded. Could this be the rotor going bad or the whole distributor? I cleaned off the cap so it can't be that. It was pretty clean to begin with.

The coolant level never changed nor is it discoloured from my inspection. The fuel pump does prime the car and because of the plugs getting fouled by fuel with all the attempted start, this summarized the fuel pump working.

Thank you very much and sry for the long read.
TLDR: uncle’s car dies in intersection. Car doesn’t start. Got to his house tried to start it and there’s a BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTT noise that’s coming from the car.