As the title says I'm looking for replacement speakers for my 2001 Nissan Sentra SE.

I've managed to blow pretty much every speaker in the car, quite possibly including the factory subwoofer. At the moment they still work but I've had to turn every setting down on my aftermarket stereo to get the sound even remotely livable right now.

What I'm trying to find are specs for the speakers themselves as I'd like replacements for them. Everything in the car is stock except for the Kenwood head unit I've installed (if I'm remembering the model correctly it's the KDC-BT555U).

I know the speaker sizes for the doors and the rear deck are 6.5" and I believe the sub is as well.

I'd happily just take some of the speakers out myself right now to look but I don't have space to work and it's really cold out so I thought I'd go to the forums to see if anyone could help.

I don't really need anything high end, just something that will get me by and be comparable to the factory setup as I imagine I'll have the car for another year or 2 before getting another one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.