It's finally time to let her go.. looking to see if anyone here would be interested first before I throw it on Kijiji. Looking for a quick sale to an enthusiast first, someone whoíll appreciate this car, so Iím looking for $6500

Title's clean, and this car hasn't seen the road in years. Was meant to sell this last year, so I had the trunk replaced to a wingless (the old one had a big rust patch on the 3rd brake light area). New radiator and fans, fluid changes and what not

Body has roughly 18x,xxx KMís (will have to double check), and the engine (bought from Varun), roughly 7x,xxx. Left it stock, as I was still working on the suspension part of the car. Some rust on the undercarriage, but nothing too major, it was winter stored after the first couple of years I had it.

Make no mistake, this car was my street legal track car, not gonna lie and say it was never trackedÖ blah blah blahÖ I donít drift, so everything is set up for grip, but with all the adjustable suspension bits, it can be set-up how you like.

- Alternator is done forÖ Iíd recommend to replace and upgrade to a Quest alternator

- HIDís, should have kept it stock, but have HIDís in the housing now

- PIAA fog lights donít work anymore

- Was in an accident, passenger front corner

- Itís still 4-bolt , but Iím keeping the ADVANísÖ will come with the stock Teardrop/Snowflake (?) rims. Winter tires mounted.

- The Megan gauges should be replacedÖ nothing wrong per se, but I just donít trust it.

- Nismo Shift Knob
- Cís Racing Short Shifter
- Levoc Pedals
- NRG Innovation Quick Release
- 300mm OMP Steering Wheel
- AEM Air/Fuel Meter
- Meganís Racing Boost Gauge
- Meganís Racing Oil Pressure Gauge

- HID Headligts
- PIAA Solitaire fog lights

- Tein Flex Coilovers
- Whiteline Adjustable Sway Bars
- Bingís RUCA (3 pcs)
- Battle Version Adjustable TC Rods
- CP Racing Tri-point strut bar
- Megan Racing Rear strut bar
- 300ZX Caliper/Rotor Upgrade
- Hawk HPS Brake Pads (F/R)
- Stainless Steel Brake Lines
- Peak Performance 60mm wheel studs

- SR20DET (Stock)
- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
- 300ZX Fuel Filter
- Cold Air Intake
- Circuit Sports Radiator Hoses
- Mishimoto Radiator with Electric Fans
- Odessa Small Battery
- Megan Racing 3" Downpipe
- Meganís Racing 3" Single Tip Exhaust
- Cody Ace A/C bracket

EXTRAS (Not included)
- Sparco Bucket seats w/ rails
- OMP safety harness
- Pilot Turbo Timer
- Oil Catch Can
- CAT delete
- Cody Ace Quest Alternator bracket

If interested send me a PM or email, will need to set up a meet.. I have more pics I'll post up later